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I am an aspiring UX designer and I love this and of course, my dedication to the work and motivation to grow have led me to the exceptional field of design from business development and writing background.

Self-Driven UX Designer with an experience of 1.8 years and passionate for creating usable web and mobile-based interfaces and flows with a detail-oriented and iterative approach. 



Rapid Prototyping


UX Design

User Research




My Experience


January 2018

Worked with stakeholders to understand the needs of the project (both web and apps) and validating them by creating and iterating wireframes and interactive prototypes. Monitoring the website through session recordings, usability tests and suggesting the actionable insights to improve the customer experience. 



April 2016 

Worked with various clients across the world and sustaining a healthy relationship focus on meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction. Lead the team of BDE's is acquiring new clients ensuring the quality of projects and timely deliveries. I have participated actively in improving the work processes and building sales strategies from time to time.



March 2015

Guiding the clients the optimal solution for their needs and producing a requirement document to bridge the gap of understanding for the development team. Writing the winning proposals to the clients ensuring the work approach and delivery of the project.


February  2010

Understanding the software, testing simultaneously and writing the user guides for software consisting of each and every feature, keeping in mind the target audience of the application.



Project - Website Redesign Case Study

Tools - Research, Sketching, and Prototyping

Webomaze as a startup just had a 1-page website and did not showcase any content that was beneficial for company as well as its customers. The redesign of webomaze was a success followed by stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, information architecture and prototyping that ensured that company goals were being fulfilled.


Project - Heuristic Evaluation Case Study

Tools - Research

This heuristic evaluation for flipkart.com is done as an individual assessment based on Jacob Nielson’s 10 Usability Heuristics. The findings of the evaluation are combined with the severity of the usability so that the system is advised to be released in the market or if the system is already existing, it can be improved in order to enhance the user experience.

Vinika has really turned around the things and enhance our web experience. The current site makes it easy for prospective clients and employees and finds what they are looking for. We have seen an increased number of queries resulting from a great user experience and easy form for the client to share the details.

Ravi Sharma, CEO - Webomaze



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