About Me

I am a self-driven and motivated soul that likes to work with a purpose in life. 

A self-taught UX designer with a perfect blend of business, entrepreneur and creative skills. Other than UX, you will find me doing paintings, travelling and playing games.


My sole objective is to help upcoming, start-ups, medium-large businesses to deliver the best user experiences through their services and products.


My aim is to solve social problems through design and user-centric problem-solving approaches.

Hello There, I am Vinika...

I am a UX Designer specializes in Usability, Interaction, and Prototypes with the passion to build useful and memorable products that add a remarkable difference to your business.



Usability Testing

You can really not evolve your product without taking feedback from and involving the actual users. Testing can take place in a lab or remotely, and it completely depends on the needs of the phase we work in. 

Interaction Design

Good Designs and thoughtful interactions make your users work more easy and fast. The desirable interactions are designed by taking care of interaction design laws and the process. I always prefer to wireframe first for creating an initial concept for the project. For more clarity, I choose interactive prototyping that helps in defining the user flow of the system. 




Even before anything, the analytics and sessions should be carefully studied and analyzed. These answers a lot about your user's behavior, issues they are getting on-site and how might the information/content is being perceived. The right data gives actionable insights, if implemented, can improve UX in an effective way.


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Ravi Sharma, CEO, Webomaze

Vinika has really turned around the things and enhance our web experience. The current site makes it easy for prospective clients and employees and finds what they are looking for. We have seen an increased number of queries resulting from a great user experience and easy form for the client to share the details. 


I am delighted to have Vinika's brain put onto our website which is now helping us grow.


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