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Business Goals vs User Goals

One can not achieve the business goals effectively without letting the user fulfilling their goals. Both are important as the two weights on each side of the bar.

To be a business successful both online or offline, it is very crucial to achieve business goals while satisfying the user needs. A business goal could be driving more revenue, more traffic, more awareness of the business while in the hands of a user, it is all about with what ease and efficiently they can use the system or services of a business. To complete a user goal how facilitated they are?

The most common example is to obtain leads for future marketing, promotions and sending offers to their users. For that clients really want a pop up to subscribe and sometimes they truly want it to appear after some time. This would be quite frustrating for the user, as his final goal would be different from that of the client business. The result might be that none of the goals are achieved. As per my experience, through the design itself, a user should be provided with an option whether one wants to proceed with it or not.

It is a common situation when a client’s such objectives and the UX designer’s theories start conflicting and you know then who wins? It is the prime responsibility of the UX designer to design and provide creative interfaces that do not meet client or business objectives but also leave the user with a successful expression of achieving the goal.

A suitable approach for such situations can be found initially by interviewing the stakeholders as well as doing the proper user research. Designers are the saviors of the business and users both.

Another example of conflict the needs between the two is when an e-commerce site does not allow guest check-in and forces the user to create an account before buying the products. Solving such problems can be quite challenging and it is very important to know that point in the user flow where both the needs can be achieved without confusing or irritating the user.

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