Webomaze - Homepage Usability Testing Case Study


Webomaze is an IT company intends to sell IT services of development and marketing to small, medium and enterprise businesses. The new website of webomaze contains services pages, homepage, contact page, blog, and other necessary pages. It is been observed that the homepage has 1K drop-offs out of 1.4k which leads to further investigation of the cause by doing the usability test and knowing the possible reasons and causes. The company targets to generate the leads online which is the biggest motivation to go with the test.


The goals of the test are to:

  • Find if the user finds enough information on the homepage

  • Find the distractions that lead the user to leave the page

  • Find any unknown UI and usability issues and errors


The test is conducted on a user testing platform with unmoderated remote testing with the participants. The participant's demographics are chosen related to our existing client's demographics.


The intention of the test is to discover the qualitative data not the quantitative, as the goal is to go through the homepage and generally share the experience.

Because of the fact that user drop-off % on the homepage is 71%, I assume that users are 71% of users are facing at least one common issue to proceed with the website.

Using the sample size calculator, we need 3-4 users to discover 99% of UI problems given the occurrence of the problem is 70%.


The participants are shortlisted on the basis of:


  • Age – 18-65+

  • Country – UK, US, Canada, and Australia

  • Web Expertise – Average

  • The only qualifying screener question was if the participants run their own business.


You are running your store; you are running a business and you need some development and marketing solutions for your business. You found webomaze.com from google search results and landed on the homepage.

Tasks and Questions

  1. Did you found the necessary information to make your decision?

  2. Was there enough information to explore?

  3. Did you find any distractions or issues that kept you away from completing your task?

  4. Now go to google.com and search for another company for SEO services. What differences do you feel?

Post Questions

  1. What frustrated you most about this site?

  2. If you had a magic wand, how would you improve this Homepage?

  3. What did you like about the Homepage?

  4. How likely are you to recommend this site to a friend or colleague (0=Not at all likely, and 10=Very Likely)?


Overall the problems encountered are related to information, look and feel and distractions.


In below table 0 means no problem while 1 means the existence of the problem.


The occurrence of Problem overall states that


  • Problem1 (Information) occurs 2/3 = 66%

  • Problem2 (Look and Feel) occurs 1/3 = 33%

  • Problem3 (Distraction) occurs 2/3 = 66%


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